About Me

I’m Kelly and I live in sunny Southern California.

I deeply and truly believe that ANYTHING can be healed with the right mindset, food and the right water!

It was at the age of 16 when my life was rocked at the moment my Dad got really sick! My dad was misdiagnosed, plus continued to get ever sicker then eventually we learned he had a very rare genetic liver “dis-ease” where he needed a Liver transplant, now over 22 years later he is doing better. My brother and I were tested where I learned I had the same genes. I was told “don’t drink, don’t smoke, and you might be ok” This was such a rare “dis-ease” that you didn’t even know if this was going to affect you until you were in your 40’s. I was told this at the age of 16, I didn’t think much of it at the time. I remember watching my healthy Dad almost pass away.

Later in life I went to college and did ALL of the things I was told not to do… all the drinking and smoking… then right before my 30th Birthday I found myself 40lbs overweight, constantly getting Bronchitis from smoking and I simply never felt good. I remember it was so hard to take a shower, as taking a shower took so much energy out of me. It was at this moment I flipped the switch in me, never going back. I started like most people started by tracking my food and following “diet plans”. I didn’t know what I was putting in my body nutritionally as long as it hit my “calorie goals” that day. Eventually this tracking led me to start understanding food and its nutritional values and it wasn’t till YEARS later that I found an Australian nutritionist who created these meal plans I followed. These meals didn’t contain anything you bought in a store pre-made and really stripped down all your food to the basics. It was when I learned THIS way of eating, focusing on whole nutrient dense foods, that I REALLY found success. I had a previous fitness nutrition certification and I never understood this simple principal. I FINALLY was able to keep all my weight off and I felt incredible!! And THEN I broke my neck working out!! I didn’t know for an entire month my neck was broken because, like my dad, I was misdiagnosed (3 times) until they finally did an Xray. 9 months later I was able to get back in the gym and workout again, but I had PAIN!! I had to modify most of my overhead movements and ice myself after for a long time.

I met this girl at my gym who introduced me to Kangen water and that water was the ONLY thing that took my pain away and I HAD to know why!! So I DOVE in, I read SO many books and really learned about this anti-oxidant water that helped me feel better. In my research I kept coming to the fact that animal protein was not ideal for humans so I decided to cut it out it for 30 days… no meat, dairy or eggs (which I LOVED and thought you needed as a fitness person) and to my surprise I THRIVED!!! Through the water, I met this girl who inspired me SO much. She was a certified Detoxification specialist though Dr. Robert Morse and she healed herself!!! When I heard her story it was like the light was finally lit on my path!! I KNEW my direction!! I wanted to be a healer and help people detoxify and regenerate their bodies!!

I’ve now became a Level 1 and Level 2 Certified Detoxification Specialist and an Iridologist through Dr. Morse’s school. Dr. Morse’s principles were the missing link I needed to TRULY understand how to heal the body.

What sets me apart from most Detox Specialists is my passion for Functional Bloodwork!! I am continually learning about how blood chemistry can reveal red flags about your body! I like to use bloodwork in combination with Iridology and truly understand what’s going on in the body!!

I am SO passionate about health and healing I KNOW I can be that cheerleader for you and inspire you to take your health in your own hands and understand why your doing it!! Let’s walk hand and hand in your healing journey and get there together!! I want to teach you the WHY behind this so you can finally heal for good!! I look forward to working with you!