“I use functional Blood Chemistry and Iridology to get a deep understanding of your health and create a protocol to get you back to Wellville!”

Allow your journey to begin. The body is capable of healing and regenerating, we just have to get out of its way… Let me show you how!

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Check out what People are saying…

I recently had my bloodwork evaluated by Kelly and I was very happy for a number of reasons and the two most important were 1 – I was all within the traditional medicine’s guidelines but even better yet, 2 – Kelly was able to see where I was trending and offered practical suggestions so that I could stay within those guidelines.

I had no idea that the amount of stress I’m under could show up in my bloodwork. It was eye opening to me that I am causing so many other areas of my body stress just by being so busy all the time.

I’m not one to take medicines for ailments but rather look for what I’m lacking and correct that. These were exactly the types of solutions she suggested. She had a very thorough analysis prepared and reviewed each section with me. It was really encouraging to know there are so many options to help me live a much healthier life.

I’d highly recommend working with Kelly to improve your life, even if you’re doing well. It’s all about staying well and she truly can help you!

Thank you, Kelly!
Ashley Field

Check out what People are saying…

Kelly gave me a protocol to help heal my stage 4 endometriosis. I appreciate all her knowledge with herbs, protocols, and tinctures.

She will be helping me with my blood work soon. Kelly is very thorough about what she does. She gave me an extensive health questionnaire which helps her put together the right protocol for me. I also was very impressed with her in how she was able to read my eyes to see if there was any weaknesses in my organs. She gave me some very important information.

Kelly cares a lot and wants to do the best job for her clients. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to improve their health.

Thanks for all your help coach Kelly!
Starr Love

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